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Toilet Roll Holders

  • Humanoid Helper 23.5cm

    Humanoid Helper 23.5cm

    Humanoid Helper: This steampunk inspired robot helper is here to help you with the most sensitive of tasks. This mechanical exoskeleton is steam-powered and moving using a series of hydraulic pistons and cogs. Using those hydraulic powered hand the...

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  • Reapers Revenge Toilet Roll Holder 26cm

    Reapers Revenge Toilet Roll Holder 26cm

    This piece would make a quirky addition to any bathroom. This cloaked Reaper sits proudly., his head is facing straight ahead while he has his arms stretched wide, forming the holders from the cylindrical paper holder. Cast in the finest resin before...

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  • Sir Wipealot 33cm

    Sir Wipealot 33cm

    From alternative brand Nemesis Now's giftware collection, this quirky little Knight takes his job very seriously. His arms are outstretched, and make the perfect holders for your Toilet Roll! Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly...

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Toilet Roll Holders