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WandaVision BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Vision 32 cm

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F loating over the debris of an old library, the synthezoid avenger created by the evil robot Ultron and revived by his beloved witch Wanda Maximoff through Chaos Magic, lifts in the air ready to fight to defend his newly created family. He is about to face himself, in his old body's shape, reconstructed and reactivated by mystical forces, in a new and ghostly all-white version, destitute
of feelings or old memories. Based in one of the most memorable scenes from last episode of the Wandavision series from Disney+ channel, Iron Studios present the statue "Vision Wandavision BDS Art Scale 1/10" where the robotic hero fights against his original and corrupted version to defend his beloved wife and children.

With the objective of transferring his conscience to an enhanced body, Ultron conceived the synthezoid Vision as a perfect form, according to his own conception. When he received the Artificial Intelligence called JARVIS and connected to the cosmic gem known as the Soul Stone, he was born a new being, receiving his own life, feelings and intelligence, Vision joined the Avengers against his creator to protect humanity, becoming an official member of the group of heroes under the leadership of Captain America. After creating an affective bond and building a romantic relationship with Wanda Maximoff, they both go away to live in Europe, but were forced to go back and fight again against the villain Thanos, who was searching for the Soul Stone to complete his Infinity Gauntlet. In the fight, Vision tried to sacrifice himself to destroy the Soul Stone, but Thanos, using the Time Stone revived the hero only to kill him again right after he grabbed the gem. After they defeated Thanos, Vision was revived again by the magic of her loved one Wanda in the
Wandavision series, and at the end of the series, faced his old body, reconstructed in an all-white form by intelligence agency S.W.O.R.D. to be used as a weapon, and reactivated through a sample of Maximoff's Chaos Magic. In the fight, Vision that was revived by Wanda restore the memories of White Vision, that escapes to reflect, leaving open the possibility of his return to the MCU.


License: Wandavision
Scale: 1/10
Limited edition
Made in polystone *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
Hand painted

Size: 32 x 15 x 13 cm

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