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Various - Hollydoom (Original Magazine Soundtrack) Vinyl

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  1. Power Glove (2)??span style="white-space:pre"> Adult Themes
  2. GUNSHIP??span style="white-space:pre"> Cthulhu
  3. Carpenter Brut??span style="white-space:pre"> Mandarin?? Claws
  4. Binary Reptile??span style="white-space:pre"> The Narrow Caves
  5. OGRE (14)??span style="white-space:pre"> Fugue
  6. John Carpenter, Daniel Davies, Cody Carpenter??span style="white-space:pre"> Abyss
  7. Wojciech Golczewski??span style="white-space:pre"> The Black Dahlia
  8. Pentagram Home Video??span style="white-space:pre"> Initiation
  9. Umberto (3)??span style="white-space:pre"> Razzle Dazzle
  10. Mega Drive (3)??span style="white-space:pre"> Darker Skies

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