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The Smurfs Dreams PS5 Game

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Released on December 31st 2024
The fate of the Smurf Village rests in your dreams: dive into a fantastic journey to save it! Gargamel has devised a new evil scheme to capture the Smurfs. He fiend has cast a cunning curse on the sarsaparilla bushes, causing the Smurfs to plunge into a deep sleep when they eat the delicious leaves. Embark on a dreamlike quest to awaken all the Smurfs before the evil Gargamel reaches the village! This epic journey will throw you into a gaming experience as thrilling as it is unpredictable � in the dreamworld, excitement can quickly turn nightmarish at any moment. Alone or with a friend, discover enchanting locations and explore the dreams of your favorite Smurfs. Each dream is a unique adventure with its own distinct gameplay. This 3D platform game features smurfingly exciting challenges and mind-boggling puzzles, creating a fully immersive magical world where imagination comes to life. Solo or with a friend? - Prevent gargamel's evil plans from suceeding, alone or with a friend for a Smurfabulous 2-player experience. Embark on an Adventure - Visit 4 dream worlds with 12 levels and 16 mini-levels and discover the secrets of the Smurf Village, dive into the Smurfs� imaginationeach dream offers a unique gaming adventure with itsown accessories, puzzles, and surprises. An smurf that looks like you - Collect all the magic orbs to awaken all the Smurfs and bring the Village back to life. Collect patternsto customize your character with new clothingand unlock various surprises along the way. A magical World - Discover a unique and vibrant game design that evolvesas you explore different dreams
The Smurfs Dreams PS5 Game The Smurfs Dreams PS5 Game

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