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TGA: Table Golf Association Board Game

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The Table Golf Association (TGA) is the first dexterity game that allows you to design and play your own golf course. Using 25 two-sided wooden terrain tiles, you decide the layout of the course, and make it as easy or difficult as you choose. The game comes with a Tee Box and several different "holes". You complete the course by adding tiles that include roughs, sand hazards, trees, water hazards, and a cliff, as well as the fairway tiles. The game includes four balls that are basically mini-shuffleboard pieces that you must flick from tee box to hole, while trying to avoid the hazards just like in real golf. If you do hit into the hazards, each one carries its own unique mechanism to replicate the challenges of real golf. For example, hitting into the sand means you must hit your next shot using the thumb of your non-dominant hand. Each hazard also limits the distance you can hit your next shot. The game also includes a weather die and spinner that must be rolled before each shot to determine the wind speed and direction. Golf pro player cards, which players can choose or deal out randomly, each have a different ability players can use once per hole. Whoever has the lowest score after the final hole wins.

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