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Studio Ghibli - Castle In The Sky USA Version Soundtrack Vinyl

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A1 Flaptors Attack (Prologue)

A2 The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Main Theme)

A3 The Levitation Crystal

A4 Morning In The Mining Village

A5 Pazu's Fanfare

A6 The Legend Of Laputa

A7 A Street Brawl

A8 The Chase

A9 Floating With The Crystal

A10 Memories Of Gondoa

B1 Stones Glowing In The Darkness

B2 Disheartened Pazu

B3 Robot Soldiers (Resurrection-Rescue)

B4 Dola And The Pirates

B5 Confessions In The Moonlight

B6 The Dragon's Nest

C1 The Lost Paradise

C2 The Forgotten Robot Soldier

C3 The Invasion Of Goliath

C4 Pazu Fights Back

C5 The Final Showdown

C6 The Destruction Of Laputa (Choral Version)

C7 The Eternal Tree Of Life

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