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Resistor PS5 Game

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Released on December 31st 2024
In the year 2060 the world�s governments have long since destroyed one another and in their place stand self-contained city states presided over by a league of powerful corporations. Within the walls of these dense urban metropolises, citizens enjoy a life of comfort and excess, far removed from the harsh realities of the scattered communities that scrape a living in the endless desert wastes of the outside world. To remain �competitive but friendly�, the corporations take turns hosting an annual racing tournament for the masses setting the finest teams, and bravest challengers, against one another in a series of exhilarating, high-speed death races. The ultimate prize? A one-way ticket to permanent citizenship, and a better life, inside the cities. For Aster, this year�s event, sponsored by Dekker Industries, represents an opportunity to secure the vital healthcare needed to save their ailing mother. But is life beneath the glossy veneer of Ethan Dekker�s corporate utopia truly as idyllic as it seems? A battle for the podium soon becomes a war to smash the system! Gather your teammates, fire up your plasma-engines, and above all, RESIST. Features ? A vividly imagined open world�Hit the road and traverse sun-scorched desert wastes in your vehicle or disembark to explore dusty outposts and urban sprawls. ? Race in high-octane tournaments�Compete with your teammates in high-stakes contests featuring explosive vehicular combat and gravity-defying stunts. ? Experience an expansive story�Accept missions from a huge cast of characters to boost your reputation, unlock additional story arcs, and multiple endings. ? Take down challenging bosses�Go head-to-head with your biggest rivals in winner-takes-all showdowns to unlock new car abilities. ? Expand your territory�Capitalise on your growing reputation to improve your base and develop areas of the map under your influence to reach new locations. ? Lead the ultimate racing team�Recruit teammates and manage relationships within your fledgling crew. Develop affinity and unlock bonuses to aid you in your races. ? Extensive customisation�Collect outfits, vehicle parts, music themes, and more! Visit your garage to customise almost every aspect of your driver and ride
Resistor PS5 Game Resistor PS5 Game

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