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Ravensburger Mycelia Board Game

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High Quality Components - 100 cards, 4 game boards, 1 shrine, 72 leaves, 80 dewdrops, 1 starting player marker, 4 supply cards, 2 shrine fields, 4 setup cards, 14 action cards, 1 die, and instructions. Easy To Learn - Thoughtfully designed to gradually introduce deck-building game mechanics to new players during gameplay. Great for the whole family or game gatherings with friends! Stunning Art - Each card is adorned with charming, detailed "mushfolk" illustrations and flavor text bursting with personality and inspired by real-world mushrooms, too! Magical and Cozy Theme - Build the Shrine of Life as a centerpiece to your game. Fill it with dewdrops. Then, watch them tumble out! Every detail adds to this magical, atmospheric game.

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