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Projekt Z: Beyond Order PS5 Game

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Released on December 31st 2024
Experience the intense action of battling the undead in this thrilling first-person zombie shooter with robust character progression and extensive weapon customisation. Set around World War II, take on fast-paced missions or explore the terrifying island in Free Roam mode as one of four survivors, each with their own unique abilities and role in 4-player co-op. Shoot, loot, craft, survive. 4 Unique Character Classes � Play as one of four characters, each with their own special abilities, devastating weapons, and distinct role in co-op play. Upgrade characters via individualised skill trees to turn these survivors into fierce zombie killers. Deep Weapon Customisation � Build and customise an array of weapons to obliterate zombies into decaying pieces of flesh. Scavenge for supplies and blueprints to upgrade guns and melee weapons at the Hideout workbench to best match your playstyle. Use weapon modifiers to make your firearms even more powerful. Free Roam Mode � After completing a level, dive into Free Roam Mode to explore the mysterious island further to battle terrifying zombies, find loot and blueprints, take on side missions and more! 4-Player Co-op � Team up with other survivors in an exciting online co-op mode for up to four players! Take on missions, battle hordes of the undead, and scavenge resources and blueprints together. Blueprint Crafting System � The blueprint crafting system is the core of Projekt Z and influences almost every other game mechanic. Blueprints are needed to build weapons, shops, structures, gear and more. A Customisable Home Base � Find refuge from the island�s lethal enemies by heading to the survivors� secret hideout. From here, you can upgrade characters, craft and customise weapons, take on side missions, and build shops to buy and sell items. Upgrade these shops to unlock even better equipment and weapons. Make your Hideout a home by building structures and other cosmetic items. Gather Loot � Survive the island one day at a time by looting its valuable resources for weapons, medical supplies, ammo, blueprints and more. Sell looted items at the shops or use them on yourself. Make sure to return to the Hideout safely after gathering loot because items are lost upon death.
Projekt Z: Beyond Order PS5 Game Projekt Z: Beyond Order PS5 Game

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