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Perudo Vertical Dice Tin Game

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LET THE BATTLE OF THE DICE COMMENCE! Perudo is a version of the classic Peruvian game of liar dice which is part-luck and part-skill and is played by many celebrities NO BOARD, NO SET UP, NO COMPLICATED: Perudo is an exciting game of guesswork, bluff and luck that can be played anywhere by anyone. Playing well requires an ability to deceive and also to detect your opponent's deception UP TO SIX PLAYERS: Played by two to six players, each opponent begins with five dice hidden under a cup. The concept is simple, make a call of how many of one number dice you believe there are combined on the table BLUFF YOUR WAY TO VICTORY; Be careful though, the wrong call can have your opponents doubting you and calling Dudo, exposing your hand to see if your call could be the truth or if a little bit of bluffing has been occurring along the way! GREAT GAME FOR ALL AGES: Packaged in a tin, Perudo makes a perfect after dinner or travel game and is suitable for anyone aged 8 to 108!
Perudo Vertical Dice Tin Game Perudo Vertical Dice Tin Game Perudo Vertical Dice Tin Game

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