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Nerf Gelfire Dual Wield Blaster Toy

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Burst into battle with Nerf Pro Gelfire blasters featuring hydrated rounds that burst on impact! The blasters deliver high-performance blasting to ignite your competitive advantage. Nerf Pro Gelfire rounds come hydrated in the box and fire from the blaster at a high velocity and burst when they hit a target. No need to pick up rounds! The Nerf Pro Gelfire Dual Wield Pack includes 2 blasters that feature instant firing, no priming needed! Simply pull the trigger to fire rounds. You can hold and fire a blaster in each hand for a double-fisted battle advantage in competitive games. No batteries needed. Each blaster has a 100-round integrated hopper. Includes 300 hydrated Nerf Pro Gelfire soft super absorbent polymer projectiles, 2 pairs of protective eyewear, and trigger lock. The quality design provides durability for competitive Gelfire games. Outdoor use recommended. For ages 14 and up.

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