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Momus - Pubic Intellectual - An Anthology Vinyl

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A1 Murderers, The Hope Of the Women
A2 A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17 - 24)
A3 The Homosexual
A4 How Do You Find My Sister
A5 The Hairstyle Of The Devil
B1 Morality Is Vanity
B2 Shaftsbury Avenue
B3 Voyager
B4 Enlightenment
B5 Ventriloquists And Dolls
B6 Summer Holiday 1999
C1 Cibachrome Blue
C2 The Sadness Of Things
C3 I Want You But I Don't Need You
C4 The Age Of Information
C5 Born To Be Adored
C6 Old Friend. New Flame
D1 Pygmalism
D2 Nervous Heartbeat
D3 Hypnoprism
D4 Love Walks The Devil
D5 System Of Usher
D6 The Vaudevillian

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