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McFarlane Toys Pp DC Ba CoNaruto Shippudentantine Action Figure

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John Constantine wields the dark arts to save his soul, as well as the earth itself. An expert sorcerer and magician, Constantine isn't known for his glowing personality, but when it comes to the occult, he's the best investigator there is. A notorious man with skeletons in his closet, Constantine's moral compass is as gray as can be, but deep down, he wants to do the right thing. His abilities have afforded him the opportunity not only to cheat death, but to trick the forces that govern the afterlife meaning he has no shortage of powerful enemies. Continue your collection with the McFarlane toys newest DC Direct Black Adam Model! Incredibly detailed 7-inch scale figure based on the DC Black Adam Comics. This DC figure comes with a comic book, spell hand, spell book and a stand base. With up to 22 moving parts, you can play or simply pose the figurine as you choose. Do you want to collect and preserve your figurine or play with it? The choice is yours and is a perfect gift for any collector in your life. Safety Warning Not suitable for children under 12 years

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