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Key Genie Rose Gold No Contact Hook

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Perfect For ??Door Handles ??Elevator Buttons ??Public Touch Screens ??ATM/Cash Machines ??Ticket Machines ??Store Checkouts ??Card Reader Payments for your Meals and Drinks at Restaurants, Pubs & Clubs ??Vending Machines | Touch Free Door Hook! Made from Zinc Alloy (95% Zinc) with Antimicrobial properties.| Keep Clean and Germ Free for Everyday Tasks with the Key Genie..... How many times has the door handle you are using or the button you are about to press been touched by other people? Whether you are aware of it or not contamination can occur and you don't even know it! Hygienically opens doors, interact with public touch screens and push buttons! Door hook and finger hole with a flat tip for buttons and screens, and a key ring hole to attach to keys for ease of use. Weight 21g Dimensions H69xW29xD3 mm

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