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James Bernard - The Devil Rides Out OST Purple Vinyl

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A1 Opening Credits 
A2.a Concerned Friends 
A2.b Investigating The Observatory 
A2.c Hidden Sacrifice 
A3 Protecting Simon 
A4 Balance Of Power 
A5 The Duc And Rex Follow Simon 
A6 Uninvited Guests 
A7 The Spirit In The Observatory 
A8.a The Eve Of Mayday 
A8.b Mocatas's Presence 
A9 Pursuing Tanith 
A10 The Baptism Begins 
A11 Orgy Of Evil 
A12 "The Goat Of Mendes - The Devil Himself" 
A13 Rescuing Simon And Tanith 
B1 Mocata Visits The Eatons 
B2.a Tanith Controls Rex 
B2.b Inside The Circle
B3 Visions Of Terror 
B4 The Angel Of Death
B5.a The Battle Is Lost 
B5.b The Power Of Mocata 
B6 An Unstained Child 
B7 Finale And End Credits

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