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Hornby Small Coupling Assembly (Pack 4)

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This pack of four Small Coupling Assemblies are for those who prefer the realistic prototypical type of Smiths screw link couplings. The fitting of these does involve some modelling skill, but they are still worth considering as they could still be used on freight stock or merely to improve the the appearance of your locomotives or brake stock. Chain couplings do a good job of improving the look of your locomotives and, whilst not overly strong, can haul a good rake without issue and many modellers do practice this. The drawback to hauling this way are plain. The slack allows the rake to bounce on and off the locomotive, more noticeable on DCC, and coupling is fiddly. However, you don't need to fix these couplings to the entire rake of wagons to give your locomotive and brake an authentic look - once fixed in place using DLAC-17 Tricky Stick and your favourite Cyano glue.

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