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Gene Clark - Collected Limited Edition Vinyl

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Tracklist -

  • A1 The Byrds– I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
  • A2 The Byrds– Set You Free This Time
  • A3 Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers– Echoes
  • A4 Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers– I Found You
  • A5 Gene Clark– Los Angeles
  • A6 Dillard & Clark– Train Leaves Here This Mornin'
  • A7 Dillard & Clark– The Radio Song
  • A8 Dillard & Clark– Why Not Your Baby
  • B1 Dillard & Clark– Don't Let Me Down
  • B2 Dillard & Clark– Rocky Top
  • B3 Gene Clark– White Light
  • B4 Gene Clark– For A Spanish Guitar
  • B5 Gene Clark– 1975
  • B6 Gene Clark– She's The Kind Of Girl
  • B7 Gene Clark– Full Circle Song
  • C1 Gene Clark– She Don't Care About Time
  • C2 The Byrds– Changing Heart
  • C3 Gene Clark– No Other
  • C4 Gene Clark– Life's Greatest Fool
  • C5 Gene Clark– Strength Of Strings
  • C6 Gene Clark– Home Run King
  • D1 Gene Clark– In The Pines
  • D2 McGuinn, Clark & Hillman– Don't You Write Her Off
  • D3 McGuinn, Clark & Hillman– Backstage Pass
  • D4 Gene Clark– Tambourine Man
  • D5 Gene Clark– If You Could Read My Mind
  • D6 Gene Clark With Carla Olson– Gypsy Rider
  • E1 Gene Clark– So You Say Your Lost Your Baby (Acoustic Demo)
  • E2 Gene Clark– I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  • E3 Gene Clark– That's Alright By Me
  • E4 Gene Clark– Wall Around Your Heart
  • E5 Dillard & Clark– Lyin' Down The Middle
  • E6 Gene Clark– Dark Hollow
  • E7 Gene Clark– The American Dreamer
  • E8 Gene Clark– Stand By Me
  • F1 Gene Clark– Ship Of The Lord
  • F2 Gene Clark– Opening Day
  • F3 Gene Clark– Winter In
  • F4 Gene Clark– One In A Hundred (Alternative Version)
  • F5 Gene Clark– She's The Kind Of Girl (Alternative Version)
  • F6 Gene Clark With Carla Olson– Del Gato (Live)
  • F7 Carla Olson With Gene Clark– Changes

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