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Corgi Volkswagen Panel Van Type 2 (T2) - BRS Truck Rental Diecast Model

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BRS Truck Rental was established in 1975 and was part of the government-owned British RoadServices company created in 1949 as part of a very ambitious post war plan to nationalisethe UK" transport system. The vast majority of BRS" van rental fleet at this time were UK-builtdiesel-engined vehicles such as the Ford Transit and the company rarely bought foreignvehicles although contract hire fleet companies sometimes requested them. BRS did, however,buy six VW Type 2 vans in early 1975 including the example modelled here, believingthat the quieter rear-engined positioning of their petrol engines and more car-like drivingposition might appeal to customers who" not previously driven a van.Production of the T2, the second-generation Type 2 Volkswagen commercial, commencedat Hanover, Germany, in August 1967. It was both slightly larger and slightly more powerfulthan the original and was a wholly new design in both structure and styling. It remainedfaithful to VW" traditional layout however, using a rear-mounted air-cooled engine in a unitaryconstruction body. Like the original Type 2 it was available from the factory in an array of guises,although specialist conversion companies also used it as a base for vehicles such as fire engines.The vehicle modelled was made in early 1975, the twenty fifth year of Type 2 production, andon August the 9th of that year Volkswagen celebrated the production of the four millionth Type 2.

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