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Cat Rescue Story PS5 Game

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Released on September 26th 2024
It's up to you to create the most welcoming cat rescue centre around! When you move into the house left to you by your great-aunt, all you find is a cardboard box with a stray cat inside, which needs your help! Your mission is to take care of it and rescue other cats along the way! Feed them and play with them until you can find a new family to take them in. Rescue more than 50 different breeds, from the most common breeds to the rarest! Take care of the cats! Feed them and play with them in several mini-games. Discover each cats� different personality as you bond with them. Customise, decorate and furnish your house. Team up with your new neighbours and get them to help along the way! Protect your rescue centre from those seeking to replace it with a luxury hotel.
Cat Rescue Story PS5 Game Cat Rescue Story PS5 Game

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