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Anime Heroes Digimon Beelzemon Action Figure

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As one of the ?even Great Demon Lords??eelzemon is one of the greatest villains in the Digital World. Wielding its fearsome shotguns there are few that can stand against its might. While it has the power to lead many weaker Devil Digimon it prefers a solitary existence secure in the knowledge of its own power. Beelzemon is cruel and without mercy but it would never attack the weak due to its own pride. Each of these highly detailed Digimon action figures is 6.5'' tall with over 16 points of articulation to allow you to pose and play these characters through the stories made popular through the Digimon anime, games, and trading cards. Each one includes an extra pair of hands and accessories to personalise your Digimon figurine as you want it. In addition to playing with these models you can also display them in various poses to decorate a room as part of a Digimon merchandise and collectible collection. This range includes 3 well known characters from Digimon: WarGreymon, Omegamon, and Beelzemon, collect them all!

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